Why you should focus on your core

Are we aware of our body? I start this blog with a question because when I work with my clients I get very surprised of how little they know about their own bodies and how it functions. I am a ballet bar, pilates and yoga instructor an d my goal is to help my clients understand their bodies so that they can feel healthier and stronger.

To start, let's realise where the centre of our body is. Looking for it its easy: just lower your eyes and there it is: your core , your navel. Once you recognise the centre of your body you will realise that your upper and lower extremities are connected to your core. As the centre of our body is our stomach lets discover how we can strengthen this part of our body.

Follow a workout plan that emphasises the strengthening of your core, but do it slowly and concentrate on form rather than speed. A few examples of exercises you can do it:

- Single leg stretches
- Double leg stretches
- Leg raises
- Sit ups
- Crunches

Wearing cute workout clothes will always inspire you to feel better. Remember to wear active wear that suits your body, leggings, tops and bra tops with soft fabrics that are stylish and comfortable.